Fluon® ETFE Functions and Features

Versatile Moldability

Extrusion, injection molding and powder coating using ETFE are generally possible, similar to general thermoplastic resins, leaving the inherent characteristics of fluoropolymers unchanged. Filming, heat-sealing, composition with rubber and various secondary processes are also possible.

Good performance over a wide temperature range

Stable mechanical electrical properties are maintained over a wide range of temperatures, -200 - +180°C. Continuous service at 150°C is possible.

Excellent chemical resistance

It exhibits outstanding chemical resistance to nearly all chemical substances, including strongly-acidic and strongly-alkaline substances.

Exceptionally good electrical properties

Fluon®ETFE is an excellent insulator exhibiting high dielectric strength as a thin film. A low dielectric constant and dielectric tangent are demonstrated over a wide range of frequencies.

Nonflammable, non-toxic

Flammability: UL-94V-0. Tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and suitable for almost any purpose.

Weatherability lasting over 10 years

Deflects ultraviolet-rays (UV) and does virtually not deteriorate from ordinary exposure over 10 years.

Excellent Low Surface Energy

Good surface properties, e.g. low coefficient of friction, anti-adhesion and water/oil repellency allow for excellent flow of substances.

Fluon® ETFE Product Lineup

The lineup includes the grades indicated below. For details regarding what type of molded product each grade is suitable for, please contact us.

Inquiries about this Product

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