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Automobiles and transportation equipment

Fluoropolymers' "heat resistance", "water and oil repellency", "chemical resistance", "fuel resistance", "weatherability" and the like are employed in the manufacturing of automobiles and aircrafts with strict quality demands, and contribute greatly to performance improvements of various components.

Electronics / telecommunications

Fluoropolymer products also play an active role in this field dedicated to bringing people a convenient and comfortable life. Fluoropolymer products with properties such as "water and oil repellency", "non-adhesiveness", "transparency", and "electrical insulation" are used.

Building materials

Various kinds of construction materials used in buildings, residential homes, and factories are able to achieve improvements in service life and aesthetics due to the "weatherability", "non-adhesiveness", "water/oil repellency", and "stain proof" of various fluoropolymer products.


In addition to existing power generation fields, the "weatherability" and "heat resistance" of fluoropolymer products are useful in new energy fields such as solar power, wind power, and fuel cells. Also, these products contribute to energy-savings in the caustic soda and caustic potash manufacturing process.

Infrastructure and plant facilities

The "weatherability" and "durability" of fluoropolymer products protect infrastructure such as bridges and electrical towers, plant equipment such as pipes and tanks, and contribute to the reduction in life cycle costs.

Industrial materials

The features of fluoropolymer products are used in various industrial materials. Sealing materials, tubes and hoses with properties of "durability" and "chemical resistance", coatings with "weatherability", and filters with "water and oil repellency" are representative examples.

Medical-related and living essentials

Fluoropolymer products also play a big role in the fields of medical and consumer goods where comfort and safety is sought after. "Water and oil repellency" is also used in clothing and food packaging materials, and "chemical resistance" is used in surgical goods and medical equipment parts.

Chemical and other industries (textiles, machinery, etc.)

Various features of fluoropolymer products are used in many other industries as well.