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Our fluoroproducts have excellent optical properties such as "refractivity", "transmission rate", and "reflectance". We offer products that match various performance requirements of your field or application.


It is used in applications that require optical properties due to its transparency and low refractive index. It can be coated at room temperature.

LUMIFLON® is the world first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer developed by AGC in 1982. LUMIFLON® is used as an ingredient for various types of paints and coatings (including corrosion protection and architectural application), the weatherability of fluoropolymer protects substrates and maintains an attractive appearance for a long time.

  • Liquid (solvent-based/water-based)
  • Solid (powder)

Fluon® ETFE Film

Fluon® ETFE Film offers superior light transparency, allowing ultraviolet light and sunlight to pass through making it a good choice for membrane structures or solar cells.

Fluon® ETFE Film is a high-performance fluoropolymer film manufactured by AGC from our raw material. Due to its excellent properties of heat resistance, chemical resistance, optical transparency, and non-adhesiveness, it has a wide variety of applications from electronics, aircrafts and solar cells to kitchen products and wallpaper.

  • Film


Its “low refractive index of 1.34” and “high visible and UV light transmission ratio” are characteristic.

Because CYTOP® has an amorphous structure, it can achieve extremely high transparency, and since it dissolves in an exclusive fluorine-based solvent, thin film coating is possible. Furthermore, it is a fluoropolymer with the characteristics including “transparency”, “low refractivity”, “electrical insulation”, “water and oil repellency”, and “chemical resistance”.

  • Solution