CYTOP® Functions and Features

CYTOP® demonstrates the various properties of fluorine

In addition to the general properties of fluorine such as “oil and water repellency”, “chemical resistance” and the like, CYTOP® also has unique properties such as “transparency”, “refractive index equivalent to water”, “no fluorescence”, and “electret properties”. In particular, regarding “transparency”, since it has an extremely high transparency of “more than 95% transmission rate for visible light” and “more than 90% transmission rate for ultraviolet light”, those properties make it useful in various fields such as optics and life sciences.

Can be used as a thin film coating

CYTOP® is a fluoropolymer that dissolves in exclusive fluorine-based solvents, so it can be used as a thin film coating with thicknesses less than 1μm.Various coating methods such as spin coat, dip coat, spray coat, dispense, and die coat can be chosen based on the shape of the coating substrate. Although it satisfies the necessary characteristics to achieve a film thickness of less than 1μm in most uses, it is possible to thicken the layer in order to improve its moisture-proof and electret properties. By applying multiple layers, the film can be thickened by tens of micrometers.

Dilution solvents corresponding to the coating methods

Since CYTOP® is a coating material with “chemical resistance” which is almost equivalent to PTFE, it does not dissolve with normal solvents. Although it dissolves slightly in some fluorine-based solvents, in order to use it with confidence, we recommend the use of “CYTOP® dilution solvent”. Depending on the application method, we have prepared solvents with 2 different boiling points. It is possible to achieve a good film coating by using 2 types of solvents. They are 180°C for spin coating, 100°C for dip coating, and a blending of the two for spray coating. Furthermore, if you want to strip the area where the CYTOP® has been applied, use the “CYTOP® dilution solvent” as a “CYTOP® stripping agent”.

Inquiries about this Product

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