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Our products contribute to the reduction of environmental impact such as waste reduction or effective use of energy resources. Furthermore, we are moving forward with our environmental response on the individual product development level as well, such as creating water-based products for further VOC reduction.


Used as an ingredient in paint and coatings, it extends the maintenance cycles of painted objects with its strong weatherability. It is available in waterborne and solid/flake grades to reduce VOCs.

LUMIFLON® is the world first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer developed by AGC in 1982. LUMIFLON® is used as an ingredient for various types of paints and coatings (including corrosion protection and architectural application), the weatherability of fluoropolymer protects substrates and maintains an attractive appearance for a long time.

  • Liquid (solvent-based/water-based)
  • Solid (powder)


A fluorinated cation exchange membrane developed by AGC for caustic soda/caustic potash/chlorine/hydrogen manufacturing that achieves substantial energy-savings. Its extremely low power consumption reduces the impact on the environment.

“FLEMION™” is a fluorinated cation exchange membrane that offers extremely low resistance.With superior durability, it offers a long service life. It can reduce energy consumption and is used by customers all over the world.


Sulfonic ion exchange membranes can be used for a variety of applications such as storing renwable energy (key component for flow batteries) and hudrogen generation.

New addition to this family is FORBLUETM S-SERIES - fluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membranes for a wide variety of electrolysis and electro dialysis processes.


This solution is a dispersion of fluorine-based electrolyte polymer developed by AGC, and is used for electrolyte membranes and electrodes of fuel cells.

Characteristics of FORBLUE™ i-SERIES (electrolyte polymer dispersion for fuel cells) are high power generation and long-term stability.