FORBLUETM is our brand of separation solutions for various chemicals. New addition to this family is FORBLUETM S-SERIES - fluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membranes for a wide variety of electrolysis and electrodialysis processes.

FORBLUE™ S-SERIES Functions and Features

Fluorinated cation exchange membrane

FORBLUETM S-SERIES is a fluorinated cation exchange membrane based on sulfonic acid polymer.

Wide range of products

FORBLUETM S-SERIES offers a variety of functions depending on grade. We supply membranes with a much higher ion exchange functional group (depending on the grade up to 37% more than conventional membranes) realizing high ion permeability during use. We can also offer membranes with very high cation selectivity.

High mechanical strength and chemical resistance

FORBLUETM S-SERIES achieves high mechanical strength and is easy to handle by incorporating special PTFE fiber reinforcement into sulfonic acid polymer film. It maintains high cation permeability and also has high chemical resistance based on the fluorinated base polymer. It can be used in various circumstances including severe conditions.

PEM water electrolysis

Hydrogen is expected to be the next generation energy resource. PEM water electrolysis are considered to be high efficient production methods of hydrogen.

Redox flow battery

Redox flow battery is considered a safe, long life and large capacity rechargeable battery. It requires a membrane with high ion selectivity and low resistance properties.

Production and recovery of chemicals by electrolysis processes

A cation exchange membrane is used for production or recovery of chemicals by electrolysis processes. This type of membrane needs to be durable against acid or alkaline solution.

Product line up

GradeThickness (µm)CharacteristicsCounter ionDry/wet
Sx-0935DH90Very low voltageH+Dry
Sx-1235DH140Low voltageH+Dry
Sx-2301DH280High cation selectivityH+Dry
S-2301WN330High cation selectivityNa+Wet
Sx-1811WN330Balanced grade for selectivity and low voltageNa+Wet
Sx-1831WN360Low voltageNa+Wet

(Note) Values in above table are test data, without guarantee.

Technical information

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