Fluon® PTFE

PTFE accounts for 60-70% of the total demand for fluoropolymers. Although discovered over 60 years ago, applications are still being explored in new fields due to its numerous desired properties such as inertness, lubricity and heat resistance.

Fluon® PTFE Functions and Features

Heat resistance

Performs well when used within a wide temperature range from -180 to +260°C.

Chemical resistance and solvent resistance

Inert to almost all chemical agents, and virtually not corroded by solvents.

Friction and surface propeties

Excellent non-stick and mold release properties.

Fluon® PTFE Usage

Due to its high melt viscosity, PTFE does not flow when heated above its melting point. Therefore it is not possible to mold PTFE using techniques used for general thermoplastics, such as extrusion with screws or injection molding.

Fluon® PTFE Usage

The following is an introduction of the major uses of Fluon® PTFE.

Sheets, rod, tubing, stock shapes

Sheets, rod, tubing, stock shapes

Gaskets, packings, V-rings

Gaskets, packings, V-rings

Improvement of melt tension for thermoplastics

Fluon® PTFE fibrillates easily by shearing. Fluon® PTFE has this fibrillation characteristic which can improve the melt-tension of thermoplastics.

Fluon® PTFE Product Lineup

The lineup includes the grades indicated below. For details regarding what type of molded product each grade is suitable for, please contact us.

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