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List of Functions and Features

Heat resistance

Our fluoropolymer products have excellent "heat resistance" and "flame retardancy". Because of strong "carbon-fluorine bonds" of the molecules, they can be used under higher temperatures.

Chemical resistance

The strength of the "carbon-fluorine bonds" in fluoropolymer products keeps the impact of various chemicals and oils very low. For that reason, our products exhibit superior "chemical resistance" and "oil resistance".

Weatherability / durability

We have products with high "weatherability" and "durability" due to their special molecular structure and strong "carbon-fluorine bonds".

Water and oil repellency, non-adhesiveness

Our products provide excellent surface properties that can only be attained with fluoroproducts, such as "water repellency", "oil repellency" and "non-adhesiveness". Due to the special molecular structure, polarity can be kept low, so these properties can be developed to a high level.

Mechanical properties

The molecular structure and size is suitably controlled so as to make the "mechanical properties" of the products meet performance requirements of various applications, such as strength and flowing ability into molds for component manufacturing.

Electrical properties

Our fluoroproducts have excellent "electric properties" such as "dielectric constant", "dielectric loss", "resistivity", and "dielectric breakdown strength" The molecular structure is designed and controlled so that the "electrical properties" can be suitable depending on the field and application.

Optical properties

Our fluoroproducts have excellent optical properties such as "refractivity", "transmission rate", and "reflectance". We offer products that match various performance requirements of your field or application.

Environmental impact reduction products

Our products contribute to the reduction of environmental impact such as waste reduction or effective use of energy resources. Furthermore, we are moving forward with our environmental response on the individual product development level as well, such as creating water-based products for further VOC reduction.