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Use list of [Infrastructure and plant facilities]

The "weatherability" and "durability" of fluoropolymer products protect infrastructure such as bridges and electrical towers, plant equipment such as pipes and tanks, and contribute to the reduction in life cycle costs.

Clean room filters

Since fluoropolymer reduces the surface tension of non-woven fabric substrates and provides "water and oil repellency", it is used to maintain filter performance.


The "weatherability" of fluoropolymers provides long-term protection to bridges and can reduce maintenance costs. Its adoption as a raw material for heavy duty paint for large bridges that can't be easily repainted is expanding.


"Weatherability" of fluoropolymers is useful for raw materials for heavy duty paint for the outer shells of tanks. Also, its "chemical resistance" is utilized in lining /sealing materials.

Power / communication towers

"Weatherability" of fluoropolymer contributes to the long service life of critical facilities such as electrical transmission and telecommunication towers.

Smokestacks / piping

Fluoropolymers' "weatherability" protects plant exterior parts such as smokestacks and pipes against UV rays, wind and rain for long periods of time. Properties like "chemical resistance" are also useful for various areas such as linings and gaskets.

Fluorinated ion-exchange membrane

Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and chlorine are produced by salt electrolysis using an ion-exchange membrane. Fluorinated cation exchange membrane "Flemion™" has extremely low resistivity and contributes to the reduction of energy consumption.