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Use list of [Chemical and other industries (textiles, machinery, etc.)]

Various features of fluoropolymer products are used in many other industries as well.


Fluoropolymers reduces the surface tension of the substrates and provide "water and oil repellency", so they are used to protect clothing from water damage and various stains.

Resin for paints

The "weatherability" of fluoropolymers is utilized in coatings for various fields. We have various product grades such as solvent-based, waterborne and flake.

Resin for inks and coating materials

As a resin component in ink and coating materials, fluoropolymers contribute to "weatherability" and "chemical resistance". Also, since adding it in small amounts can provide superior water and oil repellency, it is used to maintain the performance of ink and coating agents.

Fluorinated ion-exchange membrane

Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and chlorine are produced by salt electrolysis using an ion-exchange membrane. Fluorinated cation exchange membrane "Flemion™" has extremely low resistivity and contributes to the reduction of energy consumption.

Resin additives

Adding fluoropolymers to various resins provide them with "slipperiness" and "anti-drip" properties.

Paint additives

Adding fluoropolymers to various coatings provide them with "slipperiness".