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Fluoropolymers' "transparency" and "durability" are useful for LED encapsulants.


Used for its light resistance, transparency, low refractive index, and other properties.

LUMIFLON® is the world first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer developed by AGC in 1982. LUMIFLON® is used as an ingredient for various types of paints and coatings (including corrosion protection and architectural application), the weatherability of fluoropolymer protects substrates and maintains an attractive appearance for a long time.

  • Liquid (solvent-based/water-based)
  • Solid (powder)


Based on its properties of “transparency”, “insulation”, “adhesiveness”, among others, it is used and considered for the application of “LED sealant (base)”.

Because CYTOP® has an amorphous structure, it can achieve extremely high transparency, and since it dissolves in an exclusive fluorine-based solvent, thin film coating is possible. Furthermore, it is a fluoropolymer with the characteristics including “transparency”, “low refractivity”, “electrical insulation”, “water and oil repellency”, and “chemical resistance”.

  • Solution