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Since fluoropolymers reduce the surface tension in substrates and provide "water and oil repellency", it is used to improve stain resistance of sleeping goods, sofas, curtains, carpets and other similar products.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ can provide water and oil repellent effects, so it is utilized to enhance the stain resistance of bedding, sofas, curtains, and carpets. AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ can contribute to preserving the appearance of interior furnishings.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ products are a new generation of water and oil repellent agents that meet your environmental goals. AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ was developed by AGC to provide repellency against oil- and water-based stains in many different applications including textiles, paper, nonwoven and leather.

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