What features does LUMIFLON® offer?
LUMIFLON® offers basic fluorine properties such as weatherability and chemical resistance. It differs from standard fluoropolymers in that it is solvent-soluble, hardens at room temperature, and can be applied to wide variety of substrates.
What are the main advantages of using LUMIFLON®?
Superior weatherability provided by fluoropolymers in paints or coatings provides long-term protection for painted objects, keeps them looking attractive, and can drastically reduce maintenance costs.
Why does LUMIFLON® provide excellent weatherability?
LUMIFLON® is an alternating copolymer of fluorinated monomer and vinyl ether. This structure offers superior weatherability due to its stronger interatomic bond compared to the irradiation energy of UV light.
How does LUMIFLON® differ from standard fluoropolymers?
It is generally said fluoropolymers exhibit strong weatherability, but LUMIFLON®, features an FEVE (fluoroethylene/vinyl ether) alternating copolymer as its principle chain, shows affinity with various kinds of solvents while retaining strong weatherability. This means that the various functionality offered by fluoropolymers can be used in a wide variety of scenarios like as a paint or coating.
How does LUMIFLON® differ from standard resins for coatings, such as acrylic and urethane?
LUMIFLON® features a strong binding energy to prevent degradation caused by ultraviolet light, resulting in superior weatherability that is a step above other resin products.
What grades of LUMIFLON® are available?
Solvent grades, waterborne (emulsion/dispersion) grades, and flake/solid grades are available. We can suggest a grade that suits your usage environment. Please contact us for details.
How do the different LUMIFLON® products differ?
We have an extensive product lineup characterized by differences in solid content concentration, molecular weight, solvent type, coating properties (elasticity and hardness), hardening type (one-liquid and two-liquid types), and more. For details, please contact us for details.
How can LUMIFLON® based paint be applied?
LUMIFLON® based paint can be applied in a wide range of temperatures, from room temperature to baking. It can be applied using a variety of painting methods, including field painting using paintbrushes or rollers, or shop painting with sprayers or curtain flow coaters. It can also be applied to a wide variety of materials, such as metal, concrete, ceramic siding, FRP, or plastic.
Can LUMIFLON® be used as is as a paint or coating?
LUMIFLON® cannot be used by itself for this purpose. For paints and coatings, LUMIFLON® forms the resin component of a mixture that includes resin, pigment, and various additives. In addition to introducing standard paint formulations, we can also provide technical services to support your product development needs.
Where can paints and coatings that use LUMIFLON® be purchased?
We can introduce paint manufacturers. Please contact us for details.
Where can LUMIFLON® be purchased?
We globally sell LUMIFLON® through our affiliates in your region. We also provide technical services such as paint formulations. For details, please contact our regional sales department.
How much does LUMIFLON® cost?
There are many grades of LUMIFLON®. Please contact us for detailed information.