Fluorine exists in abundant amounts in the earth, and of the approximately 90 types of natural elements, it is the 13th most common natural element in the earth’s crust (16km from the surface). Fluorine has unique properties such as high electronegativity, small dimensionality, and strong bond-forming with carbon. Fluorine-based organic materials make materials with outstanding heat-resistance, chemical resistance and weatherability. It is well known that adding inorganic fluoride ions to toothpaste plays a role in tooth decay prevention.
Also, compared to other compounds, fluorine compounds have the characteristic of extremely weak intermolecular attractivity which makes them hard to stick to things. Using these properties makes them applicable for nonstick frypans, heat-resistant cables, chemical hoses, highly weatherable paints, oil and water repellent fibers and so on. A substance that is necessary to create and maintain a comfortable life for all. That’s fluorine.

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