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AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ products are a new generation of water and oil repellent agents that meet your environmental goals. AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ was developed by AGC to provide repellency against oil- and water-based stains in many different applications including textiles, paper, nonwoven and leather.

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LUMIFLON® is the world first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer developed by AGC in 1982. LUMIFLON® is used as an ingredient for various types of paints and coatings (including corrosion protection and architectural application), the weatherability of fluoropolymer protects substrates and maintains an attractive appearance for a long time.

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LUMIFLON® solvent-based grade
LUMIFLON® is the global standard for solution-soluble fluoropolymers. As core products in our lineup, the unique properties of our fluoropolymers solvent-based grades allow them to be applied with a high level of freedom like in paint, coatings, and others.

LUMIFLON® water-based grade
LUMIFLON® waterborne grades provide superior weatherability and design in an environmentally friendly form. In addition to reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds), LUMIFLON® waterborne grades are non-flammable and less odorous, helping to improve the environment at painting sites.

LUMIFLON® flake/solid grade
Flake/solid-type LUMIFLON® resin. These products are drawing attention both as an ingredient in powder paints that do not include solvent compounds, and as a solution to support solvent usage regulations in different countries or regions.


AFLAS® is unique fluoroelastomer and has superior amine/base resistance and electrical insulation compared to conventional fluoroelastomers. AFLAS® is highly suitable for critical applications where reliability is required.

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Fluon® Brand

Fluon® is the brand name for fluoropolymer resins and compounds made by AGC - a world class manufacturer and global supplier of high performance fluorine chemicals using leading technology. The Fluon® product lineup provides versatile solutions to meet the continuously evolving needs of our customers.

Fluon® ETFE

Fluon®ETFE is a tough fluoropolymer that has chemical resistance and electrical properties comparable to typical fluoropolymers, such as PTFE, PFA and FEP but performs better than ECTFE or PVdF because of its improved mechanical strength and moldability.

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Fluon® ETFE Grades

Fluon® ETFE
Fluon®ETFE is a tough fluoropolymer that has chemical resistance and electrical properties comparable to typical fluoropolymers, such as PTFE, PFA and FEP but performs better than ECTFE or PVdF because of its improved mechanical strength and moldability.

Fluon® LM-ETFE
Fluon®LM-ETFE is a fluororesin which combines the excellent heat resistant and mechanical properties of ETFE resin and a low melting point

Fluon® LM-ETFE AH Series
AH Series
Fluon® LM-ETFE AH series products are fluoro resins with adhesive properties, making it possible to adhere to other materials by melting.
It can be applied directlywithout an adhesive agent or surface treatment as required by previous systems.
Excellent adhesiveness of a two-layer system is efficiently achieved in only one step.

Fluon® PTFE

PTFE accounts for 60-70% of the total demand for fluoropolymers. Although discovered over 60 years ago, applications are still being explored in new fields due to its numerous desired properties such as inertness, lubricity and heat resistance.

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Fluon® PTFE Grades

Fluon® PTFE G
Fluon® PTFE Granular powders (G grade molding powders) are used for the production of sheets, rods, billets and other general moldings. Filled PTFE compounds (FC) have improved creep and wear resistance. Please refer to the FC product page for more information.

Fluon® PTFE CD
Fluon® PTFE CD coagulated dispersion powders (fine powders) are used for paste extrusion to make tapes, stretched films, filters, tubes, rods and wire coating. Since it undergoes the formation of fibers easily when shear forces are applied, it can be used as a flame resistant additive to improve the melt tension of thermoplastic resins by adding it to them in trace amounts.

Fluon® PTFE AD
The Fluon® aqueous dispersion (AD grade) is a translucent white liquid in which PTFE particles are dispersed in water. The composition, such as the types and quantities of additives, differs from grade to grade. The AD Grade products are used as coatings for glass cloths and metals, and as additives for other resins.

Fluon® PTFE FC
Fluon® PTFE FC has improved creep and wear resistance. A wide range of fillers such as glass fiber, graphite, bronze, carbon fiber and more are available.

Fluon® PFA

Fluon® PFA is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene (C2F4) and perfluoroalkoxyethylene. PFA retains inherent characteristics and similar properties to PTFE but can be processed using thermoplastic techniques, such as injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding.

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Fluon® ETFE Film

Fluon® ETFE Film is a high-performance fluoropolymer film manufactured by AGC from our raw material. Due to its excellent properties of heat resistance, chemical resistance, optical transparency, and non-adhesiveness, it has a wide variety of applications from electronics, aircrafts and solar cells to kitchen products and wallpaper.

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Because CYTOP® has an amorphous structure, it can achieve extremely high transparency, and since it dissolves in an exclusive fluorine-based solvent, thin film coating is possible. Furthermore, it is a fluoropolymer with the characteristics including “transparency”, “low refractivity”, “electrical insulation”, “water and oil repellency”, and “chemical resistance”.

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“Flemion™” is a fluorinated cation exchange membrane that offers extremely low resistance.With superior durability, it offers a long service life. It can reduce energy consumption and is used by customers all over the world.

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Fluorinated Telomer Intermediates

Fluorinated telomer intermediates are intermediates which become raw materials for fluorosurfactants and water repellent agents, or monomers for resin modification. AGC’s fluorinated telomer intermediates can be used to manufacture a variety of fluorinated products.

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