AFLAS® Functions and Features

Chemical resistance

AFLAS® is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, such as acids, amines and steam.
AFLAS® has superior resistance to strong amines/bases compared to FKM.

Oil resistance

AFLAS® has outstanding oil resistance as well as amine resistance. Special oils for automobiles such as engine oil and gear oil are mixed with large quantities of amine-based additives, and AFLAS® possesses exceptional resistance even to these types of oil.

Electrical Insulation Properties

Possesses excellent electrical insulation properties comparable to silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber, giving AFLAS a significant advantage over other fluoroelastomers.


The molecular structure of AFLAS® gives it outstanding heat-resistance allowing it to be used continuously at 200°C. Its exceptional heat-resistance even enables it to withstand temperatures of 250°C.

Flame resistance

Although AFLAS® will burn if placed into a flame, however it will stop burning once removed from it.

Low-temperature properties

In compression set and TR tests, the rubber elasticity of AFLAS® was lost at around 0°C in a binary system and around -10°C in a ternary system. However, the brittle temperature of AFLAS® 100S and 150P is approximately -40°C, so depending on the application it can be used even in low temperatures. (Since the brittle temperature will differ depending on the compound, exercise caution if using in compounds other than those recommended by our company)

Low aromatizing properties

AFLAS® has extremely low aromatizing properties compared to other rubber materials. It can be considered extremely effective for use in gaskets and packing on piping components for production lines, where lingering or transferred smells are a concern.

Cost advantages

Because AFLAS® has much better chemical resistance than FKM and is more cost effective than FFKM, using AFLAS® can contribute to significant reduction in your production costs.

Inquiries about this Product

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