LUMIFLON® Functions and Features

Superior weatherability and corrosion resistance

Fluoropolymers demonstrate a strong interatomic bonding power, resulting in superior weatherability that is a step above other resins. In particular, LUMIFLON® features an FEVE (fluoroethylene/vinyl ether) alternating copolymer as its principle chain to provide it with strong binding energy to prevent degradation caused by ultraviolet light. It is used as an ingredient in paint and coatings that offer long-term protection of substrates of all types, including iron, concrete, and plastic.

Solvent-soluable/room temperature curing

It is said that fluoropolymers are generally stable and not soluble in solvents. However, this is not the case with LUMIFLON® that has an FEVE structure. It also differs from conventional fluoropolymer resin for coatings (PVDF resin) as it can be cured at room temperature. It also supports a wide variety of painting methods and can be used for both factory applied and field applied paints.

High design

LUMIFLON® is a transparent fluoropolymer and its FEVE structure provides high pigment dispersiveness, so it can be used in both clear and colored paints. Compared with conventional fluoride paint (PVDF resin-based), glossiness can be adjusted from matte to high gloss, and can meet a wide variety of design needs at a high level.
Photo:The National Australia Bank building (photo by courtesy of Vitragroup Pty Ltd.)

Reduced maintenance costs and environmental impact

LUMIFLON® based paint extends repainting cycles, leading to reduced maintenance costs for painted objects. It is being used in an ever-widening range of situations, such as on infrastructure components that cannot easily be repainted (like sea bridges and power/communications towers in mountain areas) and on large structures including skyscrapers, chemical tanks, and smokestacks. LUMIFLON® also reduces the number of times structures need to be repainted, helping to reduce the environmental impact through such means as effectively utilizing resources and reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Wide variety of available products

A variety of LUMIFLON® product types are available, varying by molecular weight and type of solvent, in order to meet a wide range of performance needs according to use, such coating properties and workability. We offer a lineup of products that can meet your requirements, such as strict paint quality specifications for industrial products or support for painting environments that vary from site to site. We offer waterborne products and flake/solid products as environmentally friendly products.

LUMIFLON® Product Lineup

LUMIFLON® is available in three grades: solvent-based, waterborne, and flake, to meet your application method and environmental requirements.

Inquiries about this Product

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