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Fluoropolymer film is used in special tape that requires insulation properties.

Fluon® PTFE

Fluon® PTFE is used in special tape which requires properties such as electrical insulation and heat resistance.

PTFE accounts for 60-70% of the total demand for fluoropolymers. Although discovered over 60 years ago, applications are still being explored in new fields due to its numerous desired properties such as inertness, lubricity and heat resistance.

  • Powder
  • Dispersion
  • Lubricant

Fluon® ETFE Film

It is used in such applications as insulating tape for electric wire covering.

Fluon® ETFE Film is a high-performance fluoropolymer film manufactured by AGC from our raw material. Due to its excellent properties of heat resistance, chemical resistance, optical transparency, and non-adhesiveness, it has a wide variety of applications from electronics, aircrafts and solar cells to kitchen products and wallpaper.

  • Film