AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ products are environment-friendly water and oil repellent agents. AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ was developed by AGC to provide repellency against oil- and water-based stains in many different applications including textiles, paper, nonwoven and leather.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ Functions and Features

Outstanding Water and Oil Repellency

Thanks to fluorine’s extraordinary properties, AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ repels not only water but also other liquids such as oil, and can be treated on a variety of substrates such as textiles and paper. AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ for paper can provide outstanding oil and water resistance without losing the appearance and breathability of paper.

Stain Guard, SR (Stain Release), Releasing properties

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ can provide properties such as stain resistance, SR (stain release) properties, and releasing properties to substrates. AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ can repel not only water-based stains such as water, coffee, wine, and milk, but also highly-permeable liquids such as oil, alcohol, and gasoline. AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ also includes SR (stain release) products which can easily remove stains from textiles during washing.

Registration in Various Countries, and PFOA

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ is registered in Japan as a chemical substance and registered in other countries globally as well. From the environmental point of view, AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ was launched in 2006 as a product with reduced levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals (APEO) and low-volatility component impurities, and no PFOA-related issues.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ Usage

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ can be used to treat not only textiles and paper, but also non-woven fabrics and leather. In terms of its applications, it has a wide range of uses benefitting many industries, including general clothing, sportswear, umbrellas, food packaging, paper, medical-related applications, automobile parts and filters, and still growing.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ Usage

The following are examples of typical applications used by customers around he world.

Lifestyle Goods, Fashion, Sports

Lifestyle Goods, Fashion, Sports

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ is used in various facets of everyday life. It brings comfort to consumers' lifestyles by helping to protect clothing and other goods from becoming wet and helping to prevent various types of stains.

Food Wrapping and Packaging

Food Wrapping and Packaging

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ is ideal for food wrapping and packaging. Its outstanding water and oil resistance can enhance the capabilities and value of food wrapping and packaging.

Automotive and Industrial Materials

Automotive and Industrial Materials

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ is used in a variety of applications in the automotive industry. Its outstanding water and oil repellency can contribute to enhancing the functions of various components and interior items.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™ Product List

Aqueous Emulsion type

Product Solid ContentIonic CharacterProduct Properties
AG-E06120%Mildly CationicAG-E061 is suitable for a broad range of different applications and is appropriate for synthetic fibers or natural fibers.
AG-E08130%Mildly CationicAG-E081 offers outstanding, long-lasting and durable water and oil repellency on synthetic and natural fibers as well as for blended yarns and wovens.
AG-E08220%Mildly CationicAG-E082 yields excellent water and oil repellency as well as a stain removability on a wide range of fabrics.
AG-E09220%Mildly CationicFabrics processed with AG-E092 have soft textures and good water and oil repellency.
AG-E092 may be used for either synthetic or natural fibers.
AG-E40020%Mildly CationicAG-E400 gives a moderate water repellency for natural and/or synthetic fibers.
AG-E500D30%Mildly CationicAG-E500D yields excellent water repellency and gives a soft texture to synthetic fibers - even under adverse conditions such as heavy rain.
AG-E300D30%NonionicAG-E300D has better compatibilities with a variety of waterborne dispersion resins and other additives so as to be suited for a wide range of applications.
AG-E550D30%NonionicAG-E550D has better compatibilities with a variety of additives and offers excellent and durable water and oil repellency on various types of textiles, particularly made with synthetic fibers. AG-E550D also imparts excellent liquid repellency to various types of nonwovens.
AG-E60025%AmphotericAG-E600 can impart superior alcohol / water repellency and hydrostatic head performance to polyolefin nonwovens.
AG-E700D30%Mildly CationicAG-E700D offers excellent and durable water and oil repellency on synthetic fibers even under adverse conditions such as heavy rain. And it can be suitable for breathable coating use.

Aqueous Dispersion type

Product Solid ContentIonic CharacterProduct Properties
AG-E10020%Mildly CationicA “next generation” product that imparts good oil repellency and stain release properties in conjunction with machine washing. May be used with polyester, cotton or cotton/poly blends.
AG-E06020%Mildly CationicAG-E060, E070, and E080 impart superior water and oil proof properties on paper, paperboard and molded products in various papermaking conditions. Because the products are registered for food contact by the FDA and BfR, they can be utilized for many applications.
AG-E07025%Mildly Cationic

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