SUNFIVEPOWER <General Name > Chemical Washing Method

Product summary

Industrial equipment cleaning agent with high solubility and low environmental impact.


Allows industrial water use and drainage to be kept to a small amount.
There is no need for pH regulating agents in wastewater treatment.
After rinsing, virtually no detergent remains in the facility.
Effects can be seen without the use of high pressure water.
Although water is used for cleaning, corrosion can be prevented.
Cleaning processes can be greatly reduced.

Main uses

Power plant gas-air heater cleaning
Gas-Gas heater cleaning
Electrostatic precipitator cleaning

Before cleaning gas-air heater elements

After cleaning gas-air heater elements

New cleaning system

Uses existing washing nozzle (stationary washing equipment), and washes incorporating the element into the main body.
Can reduce rinse water to 1/5 and washing time to 1/2.


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