ACLESYA <General Name > Finely-Crushed Sodium Bicarbonate

Product summary

Highly reactive neutralizing agent for exhaust gas treatment < ACLESYA > effectively removes acidic compositions in exhaust gases such as HCl,SO2,SO3 and sulfuric acid mist.
ACLESYA is an acid gas neutralizing agent that uses highly reactive granulated sodium bicarbonate.
In particular, it is highly effective in reacting with SO3 and is a counteragent for colored smoke.
It is an easy to use chemical agent with good fluidity and is extremely safe.
We give hope of a perfectly clear blue sky.


Reducing the acidic composition in HCl, sulfur oxide, and sulfuric acid mist which contribute to atmospheric pollution.
Effective with a small amount of chemical agent. Emits a small amount of non-reacted residue so processing is easy.
Can be used with existing slaked lime silos. *Cannot be used in some cases. Contact us for details.
Fluidity is improved, so few problems arise such as blockages.
The main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, so it can be used safely.

Main uses

Treatment of trash incineration exhaust gas
Treatment of heavy oil-fired boiler exhaust gas
Power plant facilities (heavy oil combustion)

Before colored smoke counteragent

After colored smoke counteragent

Highly reactive mechanism

Reacts effectively and decomposes and becomes porous under conditions over 60°C.

Production plant

■ AGC Inc. (Japan) Kashima Plant


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