ALPHAMAX <General Name > Sodium Bicarbonate

Product summary

Cows have 4 stomaches, and it is in the first one that microorganisms turn food into nutrients for the cow. These microorganisms work well in an alkaline environment, so "sodium bicarbonate" is used. When cows get hot, their temperature regulation doesn't work as well as humans and it is common for their stomaches to become weak in summer, so most of it is consumed in the summer.
When hens get hot, because they breathe more in order to regulate their temperature, they release carbon dioxide gas in their bodies making their blood pH lower. At this time, in order to keep the carbonic acid balance in the body, sodium bicarbonate is used to supply carbonic acid.


When added to the feed of milk cows, it is effective in increasing the teat productivity and lactation yield
When added to hen feed, it is effective in improving eggshell quality

Main uses

Agrochemicals for mildew and other diseases
Additive for "mixed feed"
Animal drug

Production plant

■ AGC Inc. (Japan) Kashima Plant


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