ECOBLAST <General Name > Sodium Bicarbonate

Product summary

<< ECOBLAST >> is a blast cleaning agent that cause virtually no damage to materials and can be rinsed with water.
*Ultrafine particle < ecorundum > is a make-to-order product.


• Raw materials are 100% sodium bicarbonate
• Since it's water soluble, it can be easily rinsed and doesn't remain on the equipment
• Most metal is corrosion resistant against sodium bicarbonate solution
• After use, if dislodged grime can be separated, it can be rinsed off
• With pH of 8.3, acidic ingredients can be neutralised
• Mohs hardness is 2.5, so virtually cause no damage to the base metal
• Solvent-free, non-surfactant but can remove oil

Application examples

• Machine part coating peeling
• Ship bottom paint layer peeling
• Oil, scale removal
• Mortar scale removal
• Natural stone cleaning
• Burner tip carbon and tar scale removal
• Grill, iron plate cleaning
• (ecorundum) Electronic substrate polishing, cleaning
• (ecorundum) Precision machinery part surface molding

Cleaning methods

Dry blast, wet blast, and water blast can all be used.

Wet Blast process
Air pressure: 0.2-0.8MPa
Consumption: 1.0-10kg/min

Wet Blast process
Air pressure: 0.2-0.8MPa
Consumption: 1.0-10kg/min

Cleaning examples

Product Lineup

ProductsMean diameter CharacteristicsPurposesType
EB600.3mmCoarse particles Cleaning, removing ink paint, oil, paint removal
EB800.2mmGranular particles
EB1000.1mmFine particlesScale removal, deodorizing cleaning,
acid scale removal

< Handy Wet Blaster >

< ECOBLAST > A handy-type blaster convenient for wet cleaning.
Cleaning can easily be done with tap water and compressed air even outdoors with no large-scale facilities.

Click here for details on the Handy Wet Blaster (Japanese Only) (PDF: 264KB)

< Ecoshitaro >

It shoots < ECOBLAST > with compressed air at its target for cleaning and peeling.
Direct pressure type in which compressed air is put into the blast tank.
Small and lightweight. Can be used with simple operations.

Click here for details on the Ecoshitaro (Japanese Only) (PDF: 234KB)

Dry Blast

Type that shoots ultrafine particle < ecorundum > and is suited for cleaning and polishing substrates made of new materials.
Can remove glass fibers and burrs.
Since it is water soluble, residue on the material is held to a minimum.

ProductsMean diameter

Blast processing method for use in machine parts manufacturing.
Burrs can be removed without roughening the surface.

A hole of the clectronic circuit board's formed by ecorundum

The machine parts surface formed by ECOBLAST

Production plant

■ AGC Inc. (Japan) Kashima Plant


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