Fluoroproducts Business

Fluoroproducts Business

AGC Chemicals Fluoroproducts Division manufactures a variety of fluorinated resins used in many fields including semiconductors, automotive, energy and construction. We offer a broad array of solutions to meet our customers' needs including materials for paint and textile-use, UV transmitting films and coatings, electrolytic membranes and the like.

World-class technology and a broad range of products
As the world's leading producer of ETFE, AGC Chemicals Company globally supplies a broad range of products including fluoropolymers/elastomers with qualities required by the automotive and aviation industries such as heat-resistance and chemical resistance; membrane-structured fluoropolymer films for the construction of architecturally advanced properties; ultra-weatherable fluoropolymer resins for coatings which are used to protect bridges and building facades.
Our fluorochemical technology contributes to reducing the overall environmental impact.
Under the vision of "Chemistry for a Blue Planet", we strive for the creation of a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment through our offering of fluoroproducts. We are also contributing to the reduction of the overall environmental impact by developing eco-friendly products while maintaining the high performance attributes our customers have come to expect from AGC Chemicals Company.
Global technical support network
In order for customers to use our fluoroproducts in the most effective way, we offer swift technical support such as condition of use, application development, and analysis work related to regional needs, from our technical service centers located all over the world. [Technical Service Centers: Exton (U.S.), Shanghai (China), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Singapore]

Fluoroproducts Business Products

Fluon® ETFE

Thermoplastic fluoropolymer with good moldability

(Fluorinated Anti-Fouling coating)

SURECO™ AF Series is an antifouling and mold-release coating agent that combines high abrasion resistance with the outstanding performance of fluorine. Despite its thin coating, it provides superior abrasion resistance with almost no loss in performance. Fingerprints also wipe off with ease, making it an ideal product for coating products like touch panel glass, lenses and mirrors.

Fluon® PTFE

The original fluoropolymer

Fluon® PFA

Easily processed perfluoropolymer


Fluoroelastomer with high resistance to high concentration acids and alkalines

Fluon® ETFE Film
(ETFE Film)

Fluoropolymer film that is highly weatherable, heat resistant, and chemical resistant

(Greenhouse Film)

Fluoropolymer film excelling on long-term durability that transmits natural light into greenhouses
For details, visit the AGC Green-Tech Co., Ltd. Homepage

(Amorphous Transparent Fluoropolymer)

Transparent fluoropolymer with various properties such as chemical-resistance, water and oil repellency and UV transmittance

(Fluorine-based Stain-Proofing Coating & Additive)

Coating fluoropolymer with excellent antifouling, high durability and high slipperiness

(Solvent-Soluble Fluoropolymer)

Solvent-soluble fluoropolymer with excellent weatherability

(Fluoropolymer paint for house)

LUMIFLON-based fluoropolymer paint (residential use)
For details, visit the AGC COAT-TECH CO., LTD. Homepage

(Fluoropolymer paint for architectural/industrial use)

LUMIFLON-based fluoropolymer paint (construction, corrosion protection, and industrial use) 
For details, visit the AGC COAT-TECH CO., LTD. Homepage

(Fluorinated coating material)

LUMIFLON-based fluoropolymer protective coating
For details, visit the AGC COAT-TECH CO., LTD. Homepage

AsahiGuard E-SERIES ™
(Water and Oil Repellent Agent)

Environmental friendly fluorine-based water and oil repellent agent that can be added to enhance performance properties of textiles and paper goods

Fluoro Telomer Intermediate

Telomer intermediate that is a raw material for oil-repellent additives for surfactants, fire extinguishing agents and various substrates, or monomers for resin modification.