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Mensaje del Presidente

We, AGC Chemicals, have over a 100 years of history, since our business started from the production of soda ash, a raw ingredient for glass as a member of the AGC Group.
Through these years, we have continuously created highly functional products with a variety of features to establish a unique and expansive chemical chain that is unparalleled in the world.
We have been sincerely addressing and providing solutions to the environmental issues that society has faced at any given time by utilizing the original technologies we have cultivated over the years.
Shifts in global business is accelerating, and the importance of corporate responsibility for sustainable society is higher than ever.
Our Company Vision is "Chemistry for a Blue Planet" "Creating a safe, secure, comfortable and environmentally friendly world with chemical technology."
We will continue to promote sustainable business growth while contributing to society by responsible Monozukuri - quality manufacturing. We appreciate your continued support and patronage in this regard.

President of Chemicals Company
Tatsuo Momii