Urethane Acrylate

Product summary

This monofunctional urethane acrylate is synthesized using high molecular weight polyethers based on AGCs proprietary polymerization technology.
This polymer provides high flexibility that enables the urethane acrylate to offer various applications.


It is a high molecular weight urethane acrylate oligomer that provides high flexibility.

*It has a low glass transition temperature and maintains low storage modulus over a wide temperature range (-20°C to 80°C).

< Comparison of dynamic viscoelasticity with a commercial urethane acrylate >

*Its a non-aromatic and transparent urethane acrylate oligomer.

Main uses

Optically clear adhesives (OCA) for flexible displays
Photopolymer resins for 3D printing

< The surgical organ model using the urethane acrylate(AGC) >


Packing is in cans (18L).
Please contact us for other packing formats.

Warnings for use

Please refer to our SDS and handle the product properly.