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Product summary

AMOLEATM 1224yd is a non-flammable refrigerant that consists of HFO-1224yd(Z), designed for use in centrifugal chillers, binary cycle generators and waste heat recovery heat pumps, blowing agent, aerosol solvent, and cleaning solvent. With Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of almost zero and a GWP value under 1, AMOLEATM has little impact on the natural environment.


GWP Under 1*1
Zero-ODP (0.00023 as CFC-11=1*1)
Same thermal stability as HFCs, more stable than other HFOs
Good compatibility with most oils, metals, plastics and elastomers
Properties are similar to or better than HFC-245fa, especially in refrigeration performance
LC50 >213,100ppm、AEL=1,000ppm、RCL=60,000ppm

*1 Tokuhashi K. et al., J. Phys. Chem. A, (2018) 122, 3120-3127


Refrigerant for Centrifugal Chiller
Refrigerant for Binary cycle
Refrigerant for High-temperature heat pumps
Blowing agent
Aerosol solvent
Cleaning solvent


AMOLEATM 1224yd (HFO-1224yd(Z))

AMOLEATM 1224yd (HFO-1224yd(Z))
Chemical name(Z)-1-Chloro-2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropane
Molecular formula(Z)-CF3-CF=CHCl
Molecular weight148.5 g/mol
Normal boiling point (101.3kPa)15 °C
Critical temperature156 °C
Critical pressure3.34 MPa
Critical density527 kg/m*2
LC50213,000 ppm
Atmospheric life time20days*2
GWP(rev IPPC AR5)0.88*2
Flammable rangeNone

*2 Tokuhashi K. et al., J. Phys. Chem. A, (2018) 122, 3120-3127

Technical information

Leaflet (AMOLEATM 1224yd)

Leaflet for refrigerant (AMOLEATM 1224yd)

Leaflet for blowing agent (AMOLEATM 1224yd)

Physical properties (AMOLEATM 1224yd)

P-h diagram (AMOLEATM 1224yd)

Refrigerant Properties Useful Software (ARPUS)

ARPUS is a software for calculating temperature and pressure of AGC fluorocarbon products. It is possible to calculate temperature and pressure which is required for developing and installing air conditioning equipment, such as saturation temperature to saturation pressure, saturation pressure to saturation temperature, and to calculate superheating and subcooling. Please check the disclaimer before use.

This software can be used on both PCs and smartphones. Internet access is required.

Precautions on use

Please carefully read the AMOLEATM 1224yd series Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in advance of use and handle it accordingly.

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