[Solvent] ASAHIKLIN AE-3000 <General Name > Fluorinated solvent

Product summary

ASAHIKLIN AE-3000 series is a hydrofluoroether (HFE) with an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0 and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 580. This fluorinated solvent has a low impact on the environment.


Features a low surface tension (16.4 mN/m) and high permeability, so it can even eliminate particles remaining in fine gaps.
With a boiling point of 56°C—low compared with water/IPA (2-propanol)/hydrocarbon solvent—it can be ideal for drying parts that are weak against heat.
Dewatering that uses AE-3100E* does not use IPA (2-propanol), so there is no danger of ignition, and the occurrence of drying spots is prevented.

* Asahiklin AE-3100E is a grade of Asahiklin AE-3000 to which ethanol has been added.

General Name : HFE-347pc-f: 1,1,2,2-Tetrafluoroethyl-2,2,2-trifluoroethyl ether
Chemical Formula : CF3CH2OCF2CF2H

CSCL Number : 2-3983
Industrial Safety and Health Law Number : 2-(12)-210
CAS No. : 406-78-0

Main uses


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Warnings for use


(Technical Measures)

Wear proper protective equipment and perform work from upwind whenever possible, to avoid inhalation or contact of the liquid with the eyes, skin, or clothing.
Control the venting of steam and ventilate appropriately. Try to keep the work environment at the allowable concentration (refer to the SDS Exposure Prevention Measures column) or lower.
Open and close the screw lid of the filling container carefully and gently.


Do not eat, drink, or smoke when handling the product.
After use, please wash hands thoroughly.
Do not use with aerosol products.

(Safe Handling Precautions)

If the product comes into contact with a naked flame, or metals or other substances that have been heated by high temperature, thermal decomposition could occur and hazardous gas could be emitted. Handle this product away from such substances.
Although this liquid is non-corrosive and non-combustible, it may vaporize in the atmosphere at normal temperature.
Vaporized steam is heavier than air and will settle on the floor. If used in a sealed room, it could cause suffocation due to reduced oxygen levels.
Be sure to ventilate the room well.


(Technical Measures)

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
Store in a well ventilated area.

(Proper Storage Conditions)

Avoid exposing the filling container to direct sunlight, and store it in a cool, well ventilated area.
Since the boiling point of the product is low, the container may swell if exposed to the hot summer sun. If the stopper is opened, liquid may squirt out from the container.
Store the filling container in a dry area to prevent corrosion due to humidity, water droplets, etc.

(Safe Container Packaging Material)

Polyethylene, etc.

Production plant

■ AGC Inc. (Japan) Chiba Plant


Environmental Impacts and Applicable Laws (The laws shows Japanese regulation and laws)

This product is for industrial use, and has not been developed or produced with the intention of use in medical applications.
*Please refer to the SDS for more detailed product information.