Life Science Business
(Establish “Life Science Company” as a new in-house company, effective January 1, 2023.)

Life Science Business

Our Life Science Division provides CMO (Contract Manufacture Organization) service of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals including biopharmaceuticals, under cGMP conditions, and intermediates to meet the various needs of global customers. We also provide research and development of new drugs and manufacture of high-performance fluorine compounds.

Agrochemical CMO services and development of ingredients and intermediates
We offer a one-stop solution from development to manufacturing intermediate to API and AI with our synthesis technology. With our efficient process development, we offer CMO services at a low industry cost. Our multiple production sites allow us to achieve risk diversification and reliable supply to respond to the needs of our global customers.
Pharmaceutical CMO services and development of API and intermediates (organic synthesis)
We offer the development of original pharmaceuticals to CMO services for API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and intermediates through consistent manufacturing including quality asurance under systematic management.
We also offer manufacturing under cGMP condition and corresponding FDA inspections on your request.
Biopharmaceutical CMO (Contract Manurfacturing Organization) Services
AGC is a leading contract manufacturing company in the biopharmaceutical industry with one of the largest fermenters (4,500L) in Japan.
From research stage to commercial production, we offer efficient and flexible support to all phases of our customers' biopharmaceutical projects with our advanced technology and extensive experience.