[Gas] Asahi Flon-22 <General Name > R-22

Product summary

Asahi Flon-22 is an HCFC-type refrigerant with a high level of stability, that is used in various types of air conditioning, freezing, and refrigerating equipment.


High level of stability
Asahi Flon-22 is stable against heat, and will not decompose easily.
It is also chemically inert, and under normal conditions will not react with lubricants and many other substances.
Asahi Flon-22 is non-flammable, with no danger of ignition and explosion even if it is mixed with air in any proportion.
Virtually no toxicity
According to the Underwriter’s Laboratories Group Number system used in the U.S., where substances with the highest level of toxicity are classified as Group 1, and those with the lowest level are classified as Group 6, Asahi Flon-22 belongs to Group 5A, indicating that it has virtually no toxicity.
Under normal conditions of use, it has no corrosivity toward materials such as steel, cast iron, tin, copper, brass, and aluminium.
However, if it contains moisture, it will undergo hydrolysis and generate substances such as halogenated acids, which will show corrosive properties.
During use, avoid the introduction of moisture as much as possible. In particular, it would be safer to avoid use with magnesium alloys or zinc.
Furthermore, if its temperature rises, there will be a tendency for materials such as silver, brass, and aluminium to accelerate its decomposition.
Outstanding solubility
It possesses outstanding solubility with respect to substances such as hydrocarbons, alcohol, ether, ester, and ketone.
Asahi Flon-22 will separate from some oils at or below certain temperatures. Due to the outstanding solubility of Asahi Flon-22, sufficient care will be required for packing and other materials.
If it is to be used with rubber, the use of synthetic rubber such as nitryl rubber or polychloroprene is recommended.
Excellent performance as a refrigerant
Since its use will allow the volume of refrigerant to be small relative to its cooling capacity, it can enable refrigerators to become more compact in size.
If it is used for cooling, there will be no need to produce cooling water. Cooling can be performed directly by an evaporator.
Outstanding electrical insulation
Refrigerants used in hermetic refrigerators are required to have high electrical insulation.
Asahi Flon-22 has excellent electrical insulation, allowing it to be used in hermetic refrigerators.

General Name : Chlorodifluoromethane (HCFC-22)
Chemical Formula : CHClF2

CSCL Number : 2-93
Industrial Safety and Health Act Number : 2-93
CAS NO : 75-45-6

Main uses

Refrigerants (room air conditioners, packaged air conditioners, showcases, freezing and refrigerating equipment, etc.), foaming agents


Cylinders: 10 kg, 20 kg, 40 kg, 100 kg, 1000 kg
Tanker trucks

Technical Information

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Warnings for use

*Please read the safety data sheet (SDS) before using.

Asahi Flon-22 is subject to the High Pressure Gas Safety Act of Japan, so be sure to use it in accordance with this Act or your local rules.
If there is a leak of Asahi Flon-22 in large quantities, there will be a danger of oxygen deficiency, so quickly evacuate from the work site to an upwind location or a high elevation.
Inhalation of Asahi Flon-22 may cause irritation. If Asahi Flon-22 in high concentrations is inhaled, there may be a danger of asphyxiation or heart attack, and it may also cause cardiac arrhythmia, so be sure to exercise sufficient caution.
Be sure to sufficiently arrange proper ventilation when using Asahi Flon-22.
If new refrigerant in high concentrations is inhaled, move to a location with fresh air, rest sufficiently, and then seek medical attention from a specialized physician.
The vapor of Asahi Flon-22 may cause irritation to the eyes or skin. Also, if its liquid enters the eyes or contacts the skin, there will be a danger of frostbite. Be sure to wear proper protective equipment when performing work.
If it enters the eyes, immediately wash them with clean, running water for 15 minutes or longer. If it comes into contact with the skin, wash the affected area thoroughly with plenty of water. If it enters the eyes, or comes into contact with the skin in large quantities, seek medical attention from a specialized physician.
Asahi Flon-22 is classified as non-flammable by the U.S. organization ASHRAE.
However, if Asahi Flon-22 is pressurized after being mixed with air, there is a possibility that it could become flammable.
Asahi Flon-22 must never be mixed with air under any circumstances.
Although Asahi Flon-22 is designated as having a composition that is not flammable, if it is handled using abnormal methods, its flammable ingredients can rise to high concentrations and it may fall within the range of flammability. Be sure to handle the product properly.
Although Asahi Flon-22 is sufficiently stable under normal conditions of use, if it is exposed to open flame, high-temperature metals, etc., it may decompose and generate toxic, irritating chemical compounds.
If any such irritating odors are detected, quickly evacuate from the work site to an upwind location.

Production plant

■ AGC Inc. (Japan) Chiba Plant


This product is for industrial use, and was not developed or produced with the intention of use in medical applications.
*Please refer to the SDS for more detailed product information.