ECOKIDS <General Name > Small-size Sodium Bicarbonate

Product summary

It's a new food additive grade and kitchen cleaning agent (home-use sodium bicarbonate) that is attracting a lot of attention.
Making use of the many properties of sodium bicarbonate, we made it into granular form, and created the products "ECOKIDS" to be used as "detergents" and "soft cleansers" that are gentle enough for the family and the environment.


-Safe detergent-

Gentle detergent that doesn't use surfactants.

-Ultrasoft cleanser-

So soft that it cause virtually no damage on materials with proper use.
It does not mean it cause no damege.


It deodorizes at the same time that it cleans.

-Baking soda-

Additive-free so it can be used in cooking.

-Safe for children-

Manufactured as a food additive.

-Eco cleaning-

Introducing a new cleaning product that doesn’t pollute the global environment.


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